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David A. Townsend, CPA, Professional Corporation

Corporate Tax Services and Planning:

  • Financial statement compilation
  • Strategies to defer and save tax
  • Dealing with CRA
  • GST and employee benefit issues
  • Advising on challenges, options, and strategy

Some examples of where I can help:

How do I get funds out of my company tax-effectively?

Should I pay a dividend or bonus?

What expenses can I legitimately pay out of my company?

Have recent tax changes affected my situation?

Part-Time Chief Financial Officer Services:

  • Record keeping and current financials
  • GST filing
  • Preparing payroll and remitting deductions
  • Personal and corporate tax coordination
  • Financial strategy

Some private companies engage me to deal with their daily accounting and financial requirements. I work with experienced staff who help me with the daily accounting. I also have a network of professionals who I can call on for special expertise, including complex tax, technology or financial issues.

Estate and Personal Tax Services:

  • Individual personal tax returns
  • Deceased taxpayer returns
  • Estate returns

With the help of staff, I prepare many personal tax returns and have over twenty years experience with Estate and deceased taxpayer returns. I e-file returns and handle any follow-up questions with CRA. I am proactive in working with my tax return clients during the year.

Personal Financial Planning:

  • Objective assessment of investment opportunities
  • Recommendations on investment and insurance products

I passed the Certified Financial Planner exam in 2005 and have a good practical knowledge of current investment and insurance products. Since my fees are not commission-based, I can offer an objective opinion on different products.

Contributing Editor to Canadian Money Saver Magazine